Awarded the 49th Nettuno d’Oro Award to Andrea Benetti

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Andrea Benetti received the 49th "Nettuno d'oro" Award

On Monday, October 19, 2020, a gala evening was held at the Royal Hotel Carlton in Bologna, in which the Lions Club of Bologna awarded Andrea Benetti the 49th Nettuno d’oro Award, the prestigious award, which originated in 1971. Every year since then, it has been awarded to the Bologna-born or adopted artist who has most distinguished himself or herself in a particular field of the arts. Over the years, artists and men of culture, such as Enzo Biagi, Pupi Avati, Lucio Dalla, Carlo Lucarelli, Stefano Accorsi, and, among painters, Antonio Saliola, Pirro Cuniberti, and Luigi Ontani, have won the emblazoned award.

49 Premio Nettuno d'Oro XLIX Premio Nettuno d'Oro

The Award is conferred by a qualified Commission, which has identified annually since 1971
a Bolognese artist, by birth or adoption, who distinguished himself in a particular sector of the arts.