On this page you will find Andrea Benetti‘s bibliography. Books, exhibition catogues and art publications, outlining Andrea Benetti‘s artistic journey . The book that most represents the Bolognese artist is the collector’s book (limited edition) entitled “Unusual Exploration within velocity.” For the realization of this book, Andrea Benetti involved about fifteen university professors and important personalities from the contemporary art world.

VR60768 · anthropomorphic figure | Rome

Under the patronage of Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities · Veneto Region · Lessinia Regional Natural Park · Municipality […]...

Manifesto of Neo Cave art

Manifesto of Neo-Cave Art | Venice

Venice Biennial Catalog 53rd Venice Art Biennial Ca’ Foscari University Manifesto of Neo-Cave Art by Andrea Benetti Catalog edited by U. Alle...

Arte Neorupestre Neo Cave

Arte Neorupestre · Neo Cave Art

  The monograph is entitled “Arte Neorupestre · Neo Cave Art” by Andrea Benetti Texts: A. Benetti · S. Grandi · […]...

preHistoria contemporanea | Università Libri cataloghi e pubblicazioni d'arte

preHistoria contemporanea | Ferrara

Turchi di Bagno PalaceUniversity of Ferrara “preHistoria contemporanea” by Andrea Benetti curated by professors F. Fontana, M. Peresani,...

Colors and sounds of the origins

Colori e suoni delle origini | Bari

Promotion of the exhibition  University of Bari Aldo Moro  Andrea Benetti Archive AnimARSi Cultural Association  Scientific collaboration Univer...

The Neo Cave painting

Pittura Neorupestre  ·  Neo-Cave painting

“Pittura Neorupestre  ·  Neo Cave painting” The monograph on the painting of Andrea Benetti “Pittura Neorupestre · Neo Cave pai...

Colors and sounds from the Origins

Colors and sounds from the Origins | Bologna

Solo exhibition catalog D’Accursio Palace Municipality of Bologna “Colors and sounds from the Origins” by Andrea Benetti curated ...

Portraits d'artistes Benetti in Libri cataloghi e pubblicazioni d'arte

Portraits d’artistes | Rome

Taverna Palace  ·  Rome Amedeo Modigliani Legal Archives “Portraits d’artistes” curated by professors Christian Parisot and Pie...

Colors in Venice Palazzo

Colors in Venice | Venice

Promotion of the exhibition Giacomo Casanova Foundation  ·  Venice Exhibition  ·  Zaguri Palace  ·  Italmostre  ·  I.A.P. Italian Art P...

Prehistoric Wave ArTheoria Milan

Prehistoric Wave | Milan

Promotion of the exhibition ArTheoria  ·  Theoria Milan  ·  I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion  ·  Andrea Benetti Archive  Scientific Collabora...