M173 · Cro-Magnon | Rome & Bologna

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Solo exhibition catalog
Taverna Palace · Rome 
Pepoli Campogrande Palace · Bologna 
”M173 · Cro-Magnon” by Andrea Benetti curated by C.Parisot, G.Rossi, D.Iacuaniello

In October 2012, in Rome, at Taverna Palace, in the halls of the Modigliani Institut Archives Légales, and in December 2012, in Bologna, in the halls of Pepoli – Campogrande Palace, Andrea Benetti’s exhibition, entitled “M173 – Cro-Magnon,” was set up, consisting of thirteen drawings and sixteen paintings dedicated to Cave painting. The catalog includes critiques by Professor Christian Parisot, president of the Modigliani Archives; Gregorio Rossi, former curator at the Venice Art Biennial and curator of MACIA Museum of Italian Contemporary Art in America; and Diletta Iacuaniello, a young and promising critic, former curator “I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion.”

Promotion of the exhibition 
Andrea Benetti Archive  ·  I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion  ·  Pegasus European Institute
Scientific Collaboration 
M.A.C.I.A. Museum of Contemporary Italian Art in America  ·  
Andrea Benetti Archive  ·  I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion  ·  Multi Olistica
Under the patronage
University of Bologna  ·  Municipality of Rome
The catalog is entitled “M173 Tracce apocrife” by Andrea Benetti 
Texts: A. Benetti  ·  D. Iacuaniello  ·  G. Rossi  ·  C. Parisot 
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