Omaggio alla Pittura Rupestre | La Spezia

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Solo exhibition catalog
Museum of the Castle of San Giorgio  ·  La Spezia 
“Omaggio alla pittura Rupestre” by Andrea Benetti 
curated by Marzia Ratti 

Landing on its third stage, in the halls of the San Giorgio Castle Museum in La Spezia, is Andrea Benetti’s exhibition project, after being presented at the Chamber of Deputies in April 2015 (VR60768 – anthropomorphic figures) and at the University of Ferrara, in May and June 2016 (preHISTORIA CONTEMPORANEA). The current display at the Museum of the Castle of San Giorgio consists of an exhibition by Andrea Benetti, entitled “Omaggio alla pittura Rupestre” curated by Marzia Ratti and inspired by the origins of cave painting. An integral part is the projection of a video art work, made on the same theme. Part of the canvases on display was made by Andrea Benetti using Paleolithic pigments found in the excavations of Grotta di Fumane (VR). Pigments that had already been used by prehistoric man, to paint five stones, also found in the archaeological excavation.

Promotion of the exhibition 
Cultural Services of the City of La Spezia ·  Museum of the Castle of San Giorgio  ·  Il Cigno Consortium  
Scientific Collaboration
University of Ferrara  ·  I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion  ·  Andrea Benetti Archive
The catalog is entitled “Omaggio alla Pittura Rupestre” by Andrea Benetti 

Texts: A. Benetti – P. Fameli  ·  A. Marrone  ·  M. Ratti 
pagg. 60  ·  €. 18,00 © 2016 qudulibri editions catalog  ·  ISBN 978-88-99007-23-28