On this page you will find Andrea Benetti‘s bibliography. Books, exhibition catogues and art publications, outlining Andrea Benetti‘s artistic journey . The book that most represents the Bolognese artist is the collector’s book (limited edition) entitled “Unusual Exploration within velocity.” For the realization of this book, Andrea Benetti involved about fifteen university professors and important personalities from the contemporary art world.

keith haring andrea benetti

Keith Haring | disegnare sulla neve | Pisa

Carlo Cambi Editions In early 2012, to mark the 60th year since Keith Haring’s birth, the publication “Keith Haring, Drawing […]...

Andrea Benetti nella Collezione

Andrea Benetti | Quirinal Collection | Rome

Catalog acquisition work Acquired a work by Andrea Benetti in the Quirinale Art Collection On March 9, 2012, the acquisition […]...

La spiritualità nell'arte Neorupestre

La spiritualità nell’arte Neorupestre

Monograph on Andrea Benetti “La spiritualità nell’arte Neorupestre” · The monograph on the art of Andrea Benetti The title of [&he...

ARTinGENIO Museum 2022-23

ARTinGENIO Museum 2022/23 | Pisa

Museum catalog ARTinGENIO Museum 2022-23  ·  Pisa  ·  The book with the history and works of the Museum This book collects […]...

Alle origini della pittura

Alle origini della pittura

Monograph on Andrea Benetti “Alle origini della pittura”  ·  The monograph on the painting of Andrea Benetti The publication published ...

Synphonie de couleurs II

Synphonie de couleurs II | Venice

Group exhibition catalog Symphonie de couleurs II Un salotto per l’arte    The catalog of the group exhibition “Symphonie de Couleurs [...

Andrea Benetti la pittura

Andrea Benetti | La pittura Neorupestre

“Andrea Benetti: la pittura Neorurpestre”  curated by Gregorio Rossi  The monograph entitled “Andrea Benetti – La Pittura N...

Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre

Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre | Bologna

Solo exhibition catalog Tedofra Gallery · Bologna “Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre” by Andrea Benetti curated by Francesco Elisei  ...