Andrea Benetti | La pittura Neorupestre

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Monograph on Andrea Benetti
“Andrea Benetti: la pittura Neorurpestre”  
curated by Gregorio Rossi 
Andrea Benetti la pittura neorupestre
The monograph entitled “Andrea Benetti – La Pittura Neorupestre” published by the Museum of Italian Contemporary Art in America is edited by Gregorio Rossi. The volume can be found in various museums, including the library of MamBo in Bologna. The monograph traces the basic lines to understand the thought, which animates Neo-Cave painting and the ideas that prompted Andrea Benetti to draft and present the Manifesto at the 53rd Venice Art Biennial. Return to the origins and reset are symbologies that Benetti uses to propose a “restart” of humanity, noting the failure into which the extreme phalanx of consumerism has ruinously led us.
The catalog is entitled “La pittura Neorupestre” by Andrea Benetti 

Texts: Andrea Benetti  ·  Gregorio Rossi 
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