Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre | Bologna

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Solo exhibition catalog
Tedofra Gallery · Bologna 
“Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre” by Andrea Benetti 
curated by Francesco Elisei 
In January and February 2011, during Arte Fiera, Andrea Benetti’s exhibition, curated by Francesco Elisei, was mounted. The structure of the gallery was ideal for creating a path, dividing Andrea Benetti’s Neo-Cave painting into three collections. Hence the title “Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre” which subdivides into “Homage to Cave Painting” with works that evoke and review the origin of painting created on the rock walls of prehistory; “Abstractism of the Origins,” or abstractionism as a vindication of a painting that was already conceived and created in caves, by primitive man; and finally, “A Primitive in the Third Millennium,” or modern-day iconography, which ideally replaces that proper to the caveman.
The catalog is entitled “Anfratti della pittura Neorupestre” by Andrea Benetti 
Texts: Andrea Benetti  ·  Francesco Elisei 
pagg. 16  ·  © 2011