Alle origini della pittura

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Monograph on Andrea Benetti

“Alle origini della pittura”  ·  The monograph on the painting of Andrea Benetti

The publication published by Media Brain Editions and edited by Lucas De Laurentiis is a monographic publication on Andrea Benetti and his innovative painting, followed by solid philosophical thought, which results in the “Manifesto of Neo-Cave Art.” The clever operation carried out by the young critic and curator De Laurentiis was to collect seven of the main and representative critiques of Andrea Benetti’s artistic work and group them into a single book, which also publishes about eighty works.

The catalog is entitled “Alle origini della pittura” by Andrea Benetti 
Texts: Andrea Benetti – Lucas Laurentis 
pagg. 158 – Media Brai Editions – €. 30,00 © 2011