ARTinGENIO Museum 2022/23 | Pisa

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Museum catalog

ARTinGENIO Museum 2022-23  ·  Pisa  ·  
The book with the history and works of the Museum

This book collects the history and works of the ARTinGENIO Museum in Pisa, located at the Garibaldi workshops. ARTinGENIO is a project that was created to realize the dream of weaving a dialogue between the wisdom of the medieval world and the world of today. A confrontation with tradition, to inspire a future enriched by the beauty of Being. Fortitude 1780 is the investment fund that believes in the value of culture and has allowed ARTinGENIO a real “second sailing,” with full sails to the world. The museum’s permanent collection includes a number of works by Andrea Benetti. ARTinGENIO is a new contemporary art hub was opened in Pisa in 2021 inside the Officine Garibaldi, a prestigious facility for the development of the Creative Arts. The museum houses the Permanent Collection of contemporary artists who are established on the international market and have participated in major events such as the Venice Art Biennial.

ARTinGENIO Museum 2022-23