La spiritualità nell’arte Neorupestre

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Monograph on Andrea Benetti
“La spiritualità nell’arte Neorupestre” · The monograph on the art of Andrea Benetti
The title of the monograph is taken from a critical review by curator Diletta Iacuaniello, from which the idea of the monographic publication, on the artistic work of Andrea Benetti, was born. The point that caught Diletta Iacuaniello, had never been so “centered” in the numerous critiques of Andrea Benetti’s art. This greatly excited the Bolognese artist, who even wanted to derive the title, for this monographic book. The enthusiasm for that title stems precisely from Andrea Benetti’s conviction, highlighted by Iacuaniello, that behind painting and its message, there is a very large spiritual component. Until now it had perhaps only been touched upon, while in this book you will find, in addition to about eighty works, Andrea Benetti’s biography and some important criticism.

The catalog is entitled “La spiritualità nell’arte Neorupestre” by Andrea Benetti 
Texts: Andrea Benetti – Diletta Iacuaniello 
pagg. 158 – Media Brai Editions – €. 30,00 © 2012