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Preface by Andrea Benetti
Keith Haring  
“Disegnare sulla neve”
Carlo Cambi Editions
keith haring andrea benetti

In early 2012, to mark the 60th year since Keith Haring’s birth, the publication “Keith Haring, Drawing in the Snow” written by Gregorio Rossi came out, recounting and documenting the American artist’s Pisa experience in 1989. It was in fact in that year that Haring came to Pisa to create “Tuttomondo,” a giant mural on a facade of the deconsecrated church of Sant’Antonio Abate. To represent an ideal continuator of what was an ingenious intuition of Keith Haring, to refer to the painting of the origins and play almost always on symbols and iconographies, was chosen Andrea Benetti, who wrote the introduction to the volume precisely for this reason.

The catalog is entitled “Keith Haring” 
Texts: Andrea Benetti  ·  Gregorio Rossi 
pagg. 20  ·  €. 4,00 © 2011  ·  Carlo Cambi Editions 
ISBN 978-88-6403-094-4