Synphonie de couleurs II | Venice

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Group exhibition catalog
Symphonie de couleurs II 
Un salotto per l’arte 

Synphonie de couleurs II

The catalog of the group exhibition “Symphonie de Couleurs II,” which boasts the patronages of the Republic of Italy and the Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica, is included in the publishing series of the M.A.C.I.A. Museum of Italian Contemporary Art in America. Presented in Venice the artists chosen by a commission of the Museum, in the areas of painting, sculpture and photography. The exhibition and catalog are edited by Gregorio Rossi. The exhibition lasted six months in the splendid 18th-century setting of Palazzo Merati d’Audiffret de Greoux, the Venetian salon where Giacomo Casanova lived. The event took place during the 55th Venice Art Biennial.

The catalog is entitled “Symphonie de Couleurs” curated by Gregorio Rossi 
Texts di Gregorio Rossi, Alberto Gavazzeni, Giulia Sili 
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