Arte Neorupestre · Neo Cave Art

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Monograph on Andrea Benetti

“Arte Neorupestre · Neo Cave Art” · The monograph on the art of Andrea Benetti

A monographic publication on Andrea Benetti and his Neo-Cave art of international scope, fully translated into Italian and English. The publishing work is a project edited by Patrizia Dughero, who has collected some significant critiques of Andrea Benetti’s painting and together with the Manifesto of Neo-Cave Art, has selected 121 works, including paintings and drawings by the Master. The publishing house is Qudulibri, which strongly desired this monographic work that consecrates Benetti’s artistic work and projects him more and more into the international context of contemporary art. The selected texts are by Andrea Benetti, Silvia Grandi, Gregorio Rossi, Massimo Guastella and Dario Scarfì, all leading names in the contemporary art world.


The monograph is entitled “Arte Neorupestre · Neo Cave Art” by Andrea Benetti 
Texts: A. Benetti · S. Grandi · M. Guastella · G. Rossi · D. Scarfì · G. Virelli 
pp. 212 · €. 38.00 © 2015 qudulibri editions catalog · ISBN 978-88-908513-1-5