ARTinGENIO Museum 2021 | Pisa

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Museum catalog

ARTinGENIO Museum 2021  ·  Pisa  ·  
The book with the history and works of the Museum

This book contains the history and works of the ARTinGENIO museum in Pisa, located at the Garibaldi workshops. ARTinGENIO is a project that was created to realize the dream of weaving a dialogue between the wisdom of the medieval world and the world of today. A confrontation with tradition to inspire a future enriched by the beauty of Being. Fortitude 1780 is the investment fund that believes in the value of culture and has allowed ARTinGENIO a true “second sailing” under full sail to the world. The Museum’s permanent collection includes a work by Andrea Benetti.

ARTinGENIO Museum 2021 Pisa

The book entitled “ARTinGENIO MUSEUM 2021 
curated by Francesco Corsi  ·  pagg. 240  ·  €. 48,00 
© 2020 ARTinGENIO editions  ·  ISBN 978-88-31950-15-21