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Solo exhibition catalog
Grand Hotel Baglioni  ·  Bologna 
”B. P. Before Present” by Andrea Benetti 
curated by Simona Gavioli 

In May 2011, an exhibition by Andrea Benetti, curated by Simona Gavioli, was set up inside the historic Grand Hotel Baglioni in Bologna. The exhibit was set up in the rooms, which were the rooms and lounges specially created to accommodate Lady Diana, during her stay in Bologna. The exhibition lasted two months and had a large number of visitors. The director recalled that it was in that hotel that the great Giorgio Morandi, a symbol of Italian and, in this case, Bolognese painting, made his first exhibition. The exhibition was sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna and was sponsored by the Association of Industrialists and the Association of Merchants. Important city personalities attended the opening. A catalog published by Media Brain and edited by Simona Gavioli was printed for the exhibition. The initiative was part of a project consisting of four exhibitions and called “Art offside.”

Promotion of the exhibition 
Department of Culture of the Municipality of Bologna, Confcommercio Bologna, Unindustria Bologna
Under the patronage 
Department of Culture of the Municipality of Bologna, Confcommercio Bologna, Unindustria Bologna

The catalog is entitled “Before Present” by Andrea Benetti 
Texts: Andrea Benetti  ·  Simona Gavioli 
pagg. 56  ·  © 2011