Bologna | Andrea Benetti’s mural

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October 2016 · Andrea Benetti’s mural on the Mascarella bridge

Bologna · Mascarella bridge

The Murales Neorupestre by Andrea Benetti 
on the Mascarella bridge in Bologna

On 1 October 2016 in Bologna, a few steps from the historic centre, on the Mascarella bridge (the one that leads to the Bologna Fair) murals were created by artists from all over the world. The project was conceived by Roberto Morgantini and created together with Andrea Benetti and Danilo Masotti. “Muri diVersi” is the name of the project, which involves the creation of murals throughout Bologna, by artists of all types and origins, to combat urban decay caused by the “vandalism of doodles”.

Bologna Il murales Neorupestre

Andrea Benetti while he is finishing the mural of the Mascarella Bridge in Bologna