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September 2008 · Andrea Benetti’s exhibition in Bologna, at the Johns Hopkins University

Bologna · Johns Hopkins University

In September 2008, the commemorative exhibition of the Victims of September 11, 2001, by Andrea Benetti and Lanfranco Di Rico, curated by Lisa Marie Gelhaus, entitled “September 2001 – The Memory”, was set up in the Bologna headquarters of Johns Hopkins University. The video installation is part of the exhibition, which continuously projects the video entitled “New York 848”, created by Andrea Benetti and Nicola Roversi. On the occasion of the exhibition, the exhibition catalog was published in collaboration with the American University, which boasts a presentation by the director of Johns Hopkins, Professor Kenneth Keller.

Bologna - Johns Hopkins University - Le opere di Andrea Benetti            Bologna - Johns Hopkins University - Le opere di Andrea Benetti

Above: Andrea Benetti with the Director of Johns Hopkins University
Below: detail of the work “Oltre la catastrofe” 


The catalog “11 Settembre · Il Ricordo” 
Texts Andrea Benetti · Prof. Kenneth Keller 
pagg. 56 · © 2011 Johns Hopkins University catalog