Bologna | MAST | Benetti interviewed about the exhibition at D’Accursio Palace

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The interview with Andrea Benetti on stage at MAST in Bologna

Bologna, MAST, 21 November 2017 – An interview with Andrea Benetti – “Violence is the worst impulse that can spring from the human mind and become action, whether it manifests itself physically or psychologically. I therefore decided to set up an exhibition to condemn the horrible violence, which unfortunately enters our homes every day, through the news reports that update us on the macabre bulletin of violence perpetrated against women. I will never get used to it. Women cannot pay this toll of pain and blood, because of the weakness of men, who turn their fragility into monstrous and unacceptable violence. This “virus” that ravages the mind must be eradicated from the way of being of those men, who are guilty of this unspeakable type of crime. That even before being crimes, they are an offence to mankind.”

Bologna MAST intervistato Benetti sulla sua mostra in Comune

Andrea Benetti interviewed on stage at MAST in Bologna