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Museum catalog
Copelouzos Art Museum ·  Athens · Greece 
Acquired a work by Andrea Benetti in the museum’s permanent collection

In 2021 Andrea Benetti was approached by the Copelouzos Family Art Museum to acquire one of his works entitled “The white four-leaf clover,” 2021, 35 x 35 cm, oil and oxides on bas-relief in plaster on canvas. The work is made from a bas-relief created with the plaster on canvas. The bas-relief is then trowel-treated with natural substances (in this case, oxides). It is then covered with a very thin layer of resin and finally, some parts of the work are colored with oil paints.

Catalogo della collezione Copelouzos

The catalog ITALY 35×35 ART PROJECT 
Texts: Dimitris & Sandy Copelouzos · pagg. 350 
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