Castellana Caves | Benetti’s exhibition

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September and October 2011 · Andrea Benetti’s exhibition in Castellana, in the “La Grave” cave

Bari · Castellana Caves · 
organized by the University of Salento (Lecce) 
and the Municipality of Castellana Grotte 

“La pittura ritorna nelle grotte” by Andrea Benetti edited 
by prof. Massimo Guastella with
musical performance by Frank Nemola 

Andrea Benetti’s exhibition set up inside the Castellana caves 
became part of the contemporary art research program 
of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Salento (Lecce) 

Andrea Benetti’s exhibition entitled “Neo-Cave Painting” was inaugurated on Friday September 9, 2011. Set up inside the “la Grave” cave of the Castellana caves, the exhibition was curated by Professor Massimo Guastella, professor of History of Contemporary Art at the University of Salento. At the inauguration, Frank Nemola performed the musical composition written especially for the event inside the cave. The exhibition remained open to visitors until the beginning of October. It was sponsored by the Puglia Region, the Province and the Municipality of Bari, by CRACC S.r.l. Research spin-off of the University of Salento and the Department of Heritage, Arts and History · University of Salento · Lecce.

grotte di castellana la grave


The catalog “La pittura Neorupestre” 
Texts A. Benetti · M. Clori · S. Godelli · M. Guastella · M. Pace 
pagg. 58 · © 2011 Mediabrain editions