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Museum catalog
La Raccolta Rinaldi-Paladino 
Il Novecento

raccolta rinaldi paladino arte contemporanea
The Collection owned by Riccardo Rinaldi and called the Rinaldi-Paladino Collection originated in the second half of the twentieth century, but it also houses modern art artists belonging to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Collection includes the most important names in twentieth-century painting and sculpture. The book that Mondadori wanted to dedicate to this important Collection, kept in Lugano, Switzerland, features the works collected in more than fifty years of collecting by the father, namely Giuseppe Rinaldi and his son, Riccardo Rinaldi. Among the collected artists is Andrea Benetti, who is present with the work “Strane percezioni”. The book was written by Gregorio Rossi (who is also the curator of the Collection) and Chiara Filippini.

The catalog is entitled “La Raccolta Rinaldi-Paladino” by Gregorio Rossi 
Texts Gregorio Rossi, Chiara Filippini  ·  agg. 124  ·  €. 24,00 
© 2007 Giorgio Mondadori editions  ·  ISBN 978-88-6052-108-8