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May and June 2016 · Andrea Benetti’s exhibition at the University of Ferrara, at Turchi di Bagno Palace

”PreHistoria Contemporanea” by Andrea Benetti 
curated by professors U. Thun Hohenstein, M. Peresani, F. Fontana e M. Romandini 

After its national premiere at the Chamber of Deputies, Andrea Benetti’s exhibition entitled ‘PreHistoria Contemporanea’, curated for the artistic part by Prof. Ada Patrizia Fiorillo, was staged in May and June 2016 at the University of Ferrara, in Turchi di Bagno Palace, the exhibition venue of the S.M.A., University Museum System. The curatorship of the archaeological part was by Professors Ursula Thun Hohenstein, Marco Peresani, Federica Fontana and Matteo Romandini.

prehistoria contemporanea di andrea

University of Ferrara, Turchi di Bagno Palace, University Exhibition Hall, May 13, 2016 · 
Andrea Benetti at the inauguration, together with professors and researchers from the University of Ferrara


The catalog “PreHistoria Contemporanea” 
Texts A. Benetti · P. Fameli · A. P. Fiorillo · F. Fontana 
M. Peresani · M. Romandini · I. Schipani · U. Thun Hohenstein 
© 2016 qudulibri editions catalog · pagg. 64 · ISBN 978-88-99007-1-8-8