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January 2016 · Andrea Benetti’s exhibition in Bologna, in the Bastardini Palace

Bologna · Bastardini Palace during the 40th anniversary of Arte Fiera 

“Signum Crucis” by Andrea Benetti curated by 
the professors Fernando and Gioia Lanzi

For the 40th anniversary of Arte Fiera, the exhibition “Signum Crucis” by Andrea Benetti was inaugurated on January 29, 2016 in Bologna, at Bastardini Palace. The project on the theme of the Christian Cross is composed of twelve canvases, twelve candelabras and an installation in iron, ancient wood and Murano crystal. “Signum Crucis” was born thanks to the first work entitled “Omaggio a Karol Wojtyla”, which Benetti created in 2009 as a tribute to Pope John Paul II. That painting, which depicts a Cross, was donated in 2012 to Pope Benedict XVI by the A.N.F.E. In the years following the donation of the painting, Benetti promised to create an exhibition, with a collection of works, which had the Cross as its subject.

signum crucis di andrea

The catalog “Signum Crucis” 
Texts A. Benetti · F. Facchini · F. Lanzi · pagg. 44 
© 2016 qudulibri editions catalog · ISBN 978-88-99007-15-7