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Solo exhibition catalog
Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region  ·  Bologna 
“Timeless shapes” by Andrea Benetti curated by Elisa Mazzagardi 
texts by Stefano Bonaga, Andrea Benetti, Gregorio Rossi and Corrado Rozzi

With “Timeless shapes,” Andrea Benetti wants to highlight the prehistoric origin of abstract art, emphasizing how widespread was in it the use of recurring symbols, comparable to today’s use of digital iconography. Benetti inspires his art from cave painting, pointing out how it already contained within itself the future artistic trends of contemporary painting, developed by man throughout history, starting from the earliest times, up to the 1900s with abstractionism. Picasso himself, visiting the famous caves of Cantabria, said, “After Altamira, everything is decadence.”

Promotion of the exhibition

Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region ·  I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion  ·  Andrea Benetti Archive 

Under the patronage
Municipality of Bologna

The catalog is entitled “Timeless shapes” by Andrea Benetti

Texts: S. Bonaga  ·  A. Benetti  ·  G. Rossi  ·  C. Rozzi
pagg. 44  ·  €. 18,00 © 2021 qudulibri editions catalog
ISBN 978-88-99007-90-4