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Solo exhibition catalog
Chamber of Deputies 
Vicolo Valdina  ·  Rome 
“VR60768  −  Anthropomorphic figure” by Andrea Benetti 
curated by prof. Silvia Grandi and Marco Peresani 

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, the project “VR60768 – anthropomorphic figures” by Andrea Benetti, curated by Professors Silvia Grandi and Marco Peresani and sponsored by the Chamber of Deputies, the University of Bologna and the University of Ferrara, was inaugurated in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies, in the Vicolo Valdina Complex. The project is articulated through various forms of visual art, including an exhibition, which consists of eleven drawings on paper by Montesanto, nine canvases made with pigments dating back to the Paleolithic period (already used 40,000 years ago by a prehistoric artist) and a video art work entitled “Essentia,” created by Andrea Benetti, Audrey Coianiz and Saul Saguatti and produced by Basmati Film. Also on display were two stones painted by a prehistoric man in the Paleolithic period and discovered in the cave of Fumane by archaeologists from the University of Ferrara.

Promotion of the exhibition
University of Bologna  ·  University of Ferrara  ·  
I.A.P. Italian Art Promotion  ·  Andrea Benetti Archive
Under the patronage of
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities · Veneto Region ·
Lessinia Regional Natural Park · Municipality of Fumane · Cave of Fumane
The catalog is entitled “VR60768 – anthropomorphic figures” by Andrea Benetti · 
Texts: Andrea Benetti, Silvia Grandi, Marco Peresani, Matteo Romandini, Giuseppe Virelli · 
pp. 80 · €. 18.00 · © 2015 qudulibri editions catalog · ISBN 978-88-99007-05-8