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October 2014 · Andrea Benetti’s exhibition in Bologna, in the Bastardini Palace

Bologna · Bastardini Palace · 
Organized by the A.M.A.C.I. Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums 
and by D.A.R. Department of Arts · University of Bologna 

“Il colore della luce” by Andrea Benetti 
curated by prof. Silvia Grandi 

with video performances by Basmati Film and Andrea Benetti, set to live music by Frank Nemola

On October 11, 2014, during the Contemporary Day, Andrea Benetti’s exhibition entitled “Il colore della luce · opere in bianco”, curated by Prof. Silvia Grandi, was inaugurated in the Bastardini Palace, in Bologna. . Promoted by the A.M.A.C.I. the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums and the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna, the exhibition featured eighteen works, of which seventeen were created on canvas and one on wood. At the inauguration, the video animation installation performance “Instant Film Project” by “Basmati Film” and Andrea Benetti was held, set to music by Frank Nemola’s live sound research. The exhibition was sponsored by the Province and the Municipality of Bologna.

Il professor Renato Barilli insieme ad Andrea Benetti
Professor Renato Barilli visiting the inauguration of Andrea Benetti's exhibition

The catalog “Il colore della luce  ·  Opere in bianco 
Texts A. Benetti  ·  S. Grandi · pagg. 60 
© 2014 qudulibri editions catalog  ·  ISBN 978-88-99007-00-3