For the 60th Venice Biennial

  • Benetti
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Castellana Cave, March 21 and 22, 2024 · Photographic sets by Andrea Benetti and Dario Binetti

Andrea Benetti and Dario Binetti  ·  Soon the exhibition “Archetipi nell’oblio” 

The exhibition will be on display for the entire period of the Venice Art Biennial, at Zaguri Palace

The first artistic work born from the collaboration of Andrea Benetti and Dario Binetti, entitled “Archetipi nell’oblio”, takes shape. Through the majestic scenery offered by the Castellana Caves, an ode to the collective memory of mankind emerges, a journey undertaken through the obscurity of centuries, with the intention of rediscovering ancestral symbols and concepts now buried in the past and evoking emotions linked to human history. Universal archetypes come to life against a backdrop of stalactites and stalagmites, embodied by the plastic figures of monks and vestals, the latter illuminated by a five-candle candelabrum, symbolising the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Through a fusion of printed photography and a bas-relief realised on canvas, the artists capture the primordial essence of the archetypes, making an exploration into the past, present and future of mankind. The elements of the dance company ResExtensa – Porta d’Oriente – Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza, directed by Elisa Barrucchieri, posing in the photographs, give the images a plastic intensity that transcends time and space. “Archetipi nell’oblio” invites the viewer to explore the human soul in darkness and backlighting, to plunge into the abyss of the collective unconscious, symbolised by the depths of the caves that, like a mother’s womb, awaken ancient memories and urge the search for an intimate understanding of our human nature. The works, steeped in symbolism and mystery, are an invitation to reflect on what makes us human and how we can connect with our deepest roots in the past. The works resulting from the collaboration of Andrea Benetti and Dario Binetti are photographs created with the double-shot technique, printed with U.V. polymerised powder on bas-reliefs created with a plaster on canvas. The collection entitled “Archetipi nell’oblio” will be on show in Venice, at Palazzo Zaguri, in conjunction with the 60th Art Biennial.