Gallipoli | Civic Museum | Andrea Benetti’s works on display

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Andrea Benetti's exhibition at the Gallipoli Civic Museum

In April 2017, in the magnificent old part of Gallipoli, to coincide with the events of Easter Holy Week, much felt in the country and famous throughout the world, an exhibition by Andrea Benetti, curated by Paola Renna, entitled ‘Pater Luminum’ was held in the Civic Museum, a few steps away from the Cathedral. The artistic event had its national premiere in 2016, in Bologna, during Arte Fiera, with the title ‘Signum Crucis’. The exhibition, with the theme of the Christian Cross, featured seven works on canvas, an installation of the Cross in antique wood, metal and Murano crystal, and the national premiere of the sacred art video work, which gave the title to the current exhibition, ‘Pater Luminum’.

mostra a gallipoli museo

Pictured: Mayor Stefano Minerva, together with the staff of the Gallipoli Civic Museum, 
at the opening of Andrea Benetti’s exhibition, entitled “Pater Luminum”