Venice | Merati d’Audiffret Palace

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September 2013 · Symphonie de Couleurs · Collective exhibition in Venice, at Merati d’Audiffret Palace

Venice  ·  Merati d’Audiffret Palace

On the occasion of the 55th Venice Art Biennial, from June to September 2013, promoted by the Museum of Italian Contemporary Art in America and with the patronage of the Italian Republic and the Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in Italy, it was set up in Venice the exhibition entitled “Symphonie de Couleurs”. In the splendid setting of Merati d’Audiffret Palace, the works of Franco Battiato, Andrea Benetti, Alexander Kanevsky, Christian Nguyen, Laurence Loungueville, Giuliano Ziveri, Nacha, Alessandro Ostini, Regina Schrecker and other artists were exhibited.

Venezia Palazzo Merati d'Audiffret