Andrea Benetti’s works on display at the Chamber of Deputies

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Andrea Benetti opened the exhibition at the Chamber of Deputies

Andrea Benetti’s works were exhibited at the Chamber of Deputies, in the Vicolo Valdina complex in Rome. Entitled “VR60768 anthropomorphic figures,” Andrea Benetti’s exhibition, sponsored by the University of Ferrara and the University of Bologna, opened on April 16, 2015, curated by Professor Silvia Grandi and Professor Marco Peresani. The photo depicts the moment of the presentation to the public of the exhibition project, which included eleven drawings on paper by Montesanto, nine works on canvas, made using pigments (loam, ochre and charcoal) already used by prehistoric man, about 40,000 years ago. Also on display were two stones painted in the Paleolithic period and found in Fumane Cave.

mostra camera dei deputati roma

In the photograph, from left: prof. Marco Peresani (Unife), Andrea Benetti, prof. Silvia Grandi (Unibo),
Hon. Andrea De Maria, Hon. Paolo Fontanelli (Quaestor of the Chamber of Deputies).